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At Zion we offer far more than just child care. Our teachers are enthusiastic about teaching and genuinely care about children. They understand that each child is a unique gift from God, who has individual needs and learning styles. We combine learning experiences and structured play within a safe, loving, nurturing, and Christian environment. We encourage children to discover, explore, and engage the world around them; learning to their fullest potential. At Zion, we understand that preschool is the first introduction to a lifetime of learning—a journey that we want our children to start with excitement and eagerness.

Zion Early Learning Center highly encourages building relationships between our families and our school. Our parents and families are partners, and we love parent participation. And as a partner, you’ll have numerous opportunities to experience and enjoy your child’s growth and progress by stepping into the classroom through events scheduled throughout the year.

Mrs. JoAnn Halem, Preschool Director

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Cub Camp July 4th Parade

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