Worship at Zion

Worship Schedule

Our regular weekly worship service schedule includes the following services:
Saturday - 5:30 pm
Sunday - 10:00 am

Worship at Zion

When you attend worship at Zion, you are immediately struck with how unique it is in its full use of liturgical ritual. It is, in short, “embodied prayer” rooted in the “evangelical” tradition. What do we mean by these?


We believe that worship is at the heart of our Christian life. It is the wellspring of our journey of faith. It is where we experience and receive God’s love in Word and Sacrament, and are transformed by this encounter. Our worship is a spirited, liturgical, biblically centered experience alive with the Evangelical Spirit of the Gospel. The format and style is ancient and steeped in tradition, but the language, words, and music we use are as contemporary as today. Come and enter in with childlike abandon into these divine mysteries!

Liturgy as Embodied Prayer

“Don’t just sit there, DO something!” as the old adage goes. And so it is with liturgy: we stand for prayer, we kneel for confession, we sit at attention. In short, we put our BODY into the varied postures of prayer and worship. We hold our hands upward toward God, we trace the sign of the cross over our breast with our fingers, we take pleasure in greeting our neighbors as we pass the peace in worship. We feel the water in the font. We taste the bread of the Eucharist. We savor the aroma and flavor of the wine. We on occasion see and smell the clouds of incense wafting heavenward, mirroring our prayer ascending. We hear the words of Scripture proclaimed. We voice our prayer out loud, and we sing God’s praises in song together with organ, piano, guitar, music ministers, bells, and much more. We see the colors of the season in banners, vestments, and altar cloths. We see the rich tapestry of images in icons, statuary, candles, and crosses. In short, all our senses are engaged. So, liturgy can be anything but boring! It engages our entire being. It houses the sacred. And it embodies our prayer.

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