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Zion Lutheran Preschool strives to offer a safe, healthy, and developmentally appropriate, child-centered curriculum focusing on the ideals of the Christian faith. Care is available for infants through four year olds (Pre-K) between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. throughout the year. All classrooms feature a low student-teacher ratio with well-educated teachers and trained staff. They are also trained in CPR and first aid and screened by Broward County Child Care Licensing & Enforcement prior to employment. Each classroom is large and very attractive, and the outdoor play environment is safe. Playground equipment and toys are modern, well maintained, and plentiful. Once a week the older children (ages 18 months and up) attend a short chapel service. On a daily basis, Christian concepts and biblical stories, prayers and songs are part of their learning experience. Zion Lutheran Preschool uses WEE Learn Curriculum in a relaxed yet nurturing environment.

Zion Lutheran Preschool offers two 5-day schedule options:

  • Half day 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM (not available for Infant Program)
  • Full day 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM



We care for infants starting at six weeks of age in a room with no more than twelve infants. The 7:30 am-6:00 pm schedule meets every working parent’s needs. The staff loves and treats the children as if they were their own. Each child’s schedule for feeding, diaper changing, napping, etc. is structured on an individual basis. The caregivers provide a stimulating environment of music and floor play. The children also enjoy outdoor entertainment (buggy rides around campus or swinging in the warm balmy breezes). The room is kept very clean and all toys and surfaces are sanitized regularly throughout the day. Parents are welcome at any time of the day to visit. You can feel at ease when you leave your infant at Zion Lutheran Preschool, knowing they will be getting the best tender loving care available.


This program is designed for children 12 through 24 months of age. The toddlers explore their large indoor play environment with an assortment of toys which encourage motor skill development. The loving, dedicated teachers interact with the children through stories, songs, art, and play. The children enjoy an enclosed, fully-equipped playground outside their classroom designed especially for them. When you drop off your little one to their classroom, you know they are in competent caring hands.


The two-year olds are provided with a learning environment which accommodates their energy, attention span, and interest in playing with others. They spend most of the day in small groups designed for each stage of learning. Emphasis is placed on social skills, language, sensory activities, and self-help skills of toileting, eating, and cleaning. The children also enjoy morning and afternoon outdoor play on our smaller playground designed just for them.


Students in our three-year-old program are formally introduced to a structured daily schedule where they are able to fine-tune their math, early literacy and problem-solving skills. They also enjoy science and social studies activities. By providing activities that foster their independence and help them to gain more self-esteem, our three-year-olds will become lifelong learners, ready to focus on academics when they enter our Pre-Kindergarten program. They are able to use our large fenced-in playground, as well as the Bikes & Cars lot.


Pre-kindergartners need to be prepared for their biggest adventure—school. Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to get them ready for kindergarten by reinforcing letter recognition and pre-writing skills, expanded math concepts, and valuable social skills. With small- and large-group instruction, students will have plenty of opportunities to foster independent play in an organized atmosphere. We also provide our Pre-Kindergartners the unique opportunity to interact with our Kindergarten class on a monthly basis, helping them to see that Kindergarten is not so scary after all!

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