First Communion

We believe and teach in the Lutheran Church that the Eucharist (or “Holy Communion” as we sometimes call it) is a special gift and “means of grace” for all Baptized children of our Lord. Our Lord gave us this gift in his Last Supper with his disciples and said, “This is my Body, this is my Blood.” We therefore believe and teach that the bread and wine of the Eucharist is truly the very body and blood of our Lord. And further, through this gift we are given his grace as food for our journey of faith. It sustains and nurtures us. Therefore, all baptized believers are encouraged to receive, and further, all Christian denominations are welcome. Those children who have not yet been baptized or instructed in Holy Communion are invited to come forward to the altar rail, with arms crossed, and receive instead a blessing from the pastor. Please discuss this with your families and let your children know if it is your desire for them to receive, and whether or not they have met the requirements of Baptism and instruction in First Holy Communion.

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