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Becoming a member at Zion means you are ready to make a commitment to the ministry that God has given us at Zion; through using your gifts, talents, and resources. It means becoming an active part of what we do, rather than simply a guest. The commitment involves weekly worship, active service, and stewarding of resources.

The process of becoming a member is to first start attending church at Zion regularly. Then, either attend a formal membership class, or set-up an appointment to have a class just for you with pastor. After this, you will be asked to make a public "affirmation of faith" during one of the weekend liturgies, where, together with the assembly, you will recite the Apostles Creed and state your intentions of being an active part of this community.

To begin the process please contact:
Beth Loren
Church Liason
(954) 421-3146 ext. 611

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